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Immersive Fiction creates story-driven multimedia experiences that exist on the web and in the real world. Always behind the curtain.

A story told through objects.

Released in 2022. A fictional article in a real magazine, this story is a stand-alone piece that was released in a double-issue (#9/#10) of 46pgs.

Between 2013 and 2014, boxes were hidden in sixteen cities across North America and Europe. Our most experimental project to date, the work we did for The Blackhollow Project was covered in WIRED Magazine, and we were invited to speak about it at the ARGFest Conference in Portland, OR.

In 2012 we launched We Are Earthborne, a speculative-fiction experience that created a community of amazing fans, leading to more than 500,000 impressions across our wide range of web-based content. A twelve-part audio drama, written with Zoelle Egner, was the foundation of the project. There were also real-world experiences, including a live character meet at New York City Comic-Con.

The first project, launched in 2011. This was a grassroots, experimental experience that was created in collaboration with author Carrie Cutforth. Her epistolary novella [DEL]’s Diary is absolutely worth reading as a stand-alone piece if you’re a fan of mysterious government programs.

An image of a ripped up blueprint, newspaper article, and a cell phone from the Veil Nanoscience, Inc. project. An image of a travel brochure of different planets from the We Are Earthborne project. An image of a box that says RMS Galatia. Inside the box is a painting and various scraps of old paper documents, alongside a passport from the Soviet Union from the Blackhollow Project experience. An image of a magazine article from the Audiodrome project. An image of a faceless entity with a hand facing the screen in a mysterious poze from The Garden project.